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Bringing the Science and Art of Performance Psychology to Organisations
Achieving short-term success is easy, but to be successful over the long-term requires the best use of available talent in a sustainable and invigorating manner.

What is different about us?
As performance psychologists, we focus on what organisations and the people who work in them are already doing right, rather than focusing on what they are doing wrong - in other words we focus on behaviour that is working. These behaviours and actions are then highlighted, characterised and introduced to other areas of the same business.

We have developed a unique methodology for use in large labour-intensive organisations such as mines, that facilitates the accurate identification and characterisation of the critical differences in human performance issues that differentiate winning sections of a business from those that are struggling.

Contextual solutions
We have a team of skilled professionals all with at least a Masters Degree and wide experience. South Africa has unique challenges that call for solutions that are context specific. Our tailored approach has been developed within an African paradigm and has demonstrated success in developing the organisational opportunities specific to the South African environment.

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