Stratfield Performance Consulting

Our values

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• We specialise in identifying and maximising available talent within organisations
• We develop talent and capabilities within individuals
• We develop talent and capabilities within teams
• We focus on teaching

How we work: our philosophy

There are three key points to our approach:

1. The first is that we believe that development is a PROCESS. Developing talent by necessity will take time, and the interaction and methodology needs to change as we progress. We therefore work with individuals and organizations over a period of time rather than once off.

2. The second point is that we believe that SUCCESS and achievement needs to be SUSTAINABLE over time. We would rather partner with individuals and organizations who seek to maintain their performance relative to their competition over years than seek to boost performance over the quarter. This is a critical departure point for us, even though it is easier to boost performance in the short term.

3. We believe that what we do must also ADD VALUE in observable (measurable) and tangible ways, it is therefore important to clarify and identify achievable behaviors that will lead to better performance in the long term. We can then both be held accountable against these goals and progress can be measured. This performance criterion is critical to any success and therefore part of the PROCESS would be to establish these performance goals.

We believe that for real LONG LASTING RESULTS we need to partner with and empower individuals and organizations in order that the solutions emerge from the individuals and organizations rather than present all the solutions and answers. Unlike traditional consulting we strive to impart skills, knowledge and behavior that remain with individuals enabling them to build on their talents and cascade these throughout the wider organization.

Solution Focused Coaching
Solution Focused Coaching encourages individuals to find solutions by looking forwards rather than backwards, challenging unhelpfull thinking and targeting specific positive behaviour. – Centre for Creative Leadership

Stratfield’s Products and Services
Stratfield’s vision is to enable organisations and individuals to maximise their innate talent and abilities in their work environments. We work with individuals, groups and organisations to achieve our vision by providing services to:

• Audit current organisational and individual talents and strengths
• Audit human performance factors in businesses
• Assist organisations in developing action plans to maximise available talent and potential to improve business efficiency
• Partner clients in implementing human factor interventions through coaching, mentorship and education and training
• Research and report the impact of human factor intervention strategies
• Advise clients on work place restructuring to support the implementation of new technologies
• Identify the impact of new technology and management systems on workers and their work design
• Construct human performance strategies to complement technology innovation strategies
• Assist clients in developing high performance organisational cultures
• Develop interventions to foster innovation in high technology organisations
• Developing communications strategies for changing organisations